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I made this for close up or unusual location mounting. Should work good on deer stands. The set up I'm showing is just about the weight limit for the Flexbar. Flexbar is the name of the holder. It was originally made to mount indicators on in a machine shop. I used a bar made to mount knobs on with 1/4-20 thread to mount it to the camera So far it's working good.:banana:



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Thanks for sharing! I'm putting this in with the tripod/monopod sticky!

So, where do you get Flexbar at????


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that is a cool setup !!! i think we all need one of everything to hold our cameras !!!!!


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Nice setup!!!! I'd like to know where to find Flexbar too!!!
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I got the Flexbar from J&L Industrial supply. The shaft is from MSC Industrial. The bar has an adjusting nut up close to the camera. You have to move it depending on how straight or curved you have your setup. Then you just flip the red lever to tighten up the bar. Works great. If you added much more weight than what I have in the picture it might try to drift with you. I didn't have any trouble with the weight I have on it now. Stays pretty steady. I don't any ties to MSC or J&L other than I buy from them for work. I think you can order from them with a Credit card. I believe you can get these from anyone that supplies machine shop supplies. MSC is in Mableton, Ga. And MSC owns J&L.

J&L website

Flexbar page

MSC Website

Shaft page Item # 77414886